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Product and Technology

In-vehicle Emergency Call (eCall)

SafeDrive enabled cars automatically alert and share the location in the unlikely event of accident . This enables timely emergency assistance to be provided.

Pinpoint Roadside Assistance

One touch access to mechanic to the location of vehicle breakdown. You dont have to describe your location, they can come to you if you get stranded along the way

One Touch Assistance Call

One touch access to emergency medical assistance and access to police in the event of hostile situations.

Smart Car Upgrades

SafeDrive upgrades your car with latest smart car features. Enjoy trip history, live location tracking, find parking, car health check ups and service reminders.  Smart car features improves your overall travel and car ownership experience.

Compatible with 99% of cars

“SafeDrive works if your Car has a cigarette lighter port.”


SafeDrive comes with all items for you to install by yourself. Opn your box and review thecbrief manual to ensure you have all the items.


Installation is easy. SafeDrive is plug and play device that you can install in any car with just a cigarette lighter port. We also come with OBD port. Order the right type of device you need.


Once installed you are all set for activation. Activation of service is again an easy process and involves installing SafeDrive App and making necessary minimum data settings to provide services. 

Very Innovative Product for Individual Human Safety which plays a role of Guardian. It results in Completely Protected Driving Experience. I met the CEO at EFY Rocks Exhibition and found him as  a 'Passionate Innovator' building 'Community Protection Ideas' through Technological Innovations.
Chandrashekhar G
Founder & Director, Let's Win Globe
Driving on our roads is a nightmare, one slight mistake can be very costly. If something happens, often no one may come to help immediately. SafeDrive provides a great safety net, at least our close contacts will know help is needed.
Denny Mathew
Technical Lead, First Data Corp

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Everything happens by design and so is your success in times of emergency and accidents. We believe preparation is the best return when unexpected things happen on the road. Join us and enjoy happy journeys everyday by design !